PECS Coaching

The Process

We will create clarity, inspire alignment and instill the routines necessary to scale your business, improve profitability and remove drama

The approach

My approach is grounded in the principles of the Scaling Up International Coaching Organization, drawing on the growth strategies outlined in Verne Harnish’s book “Scaling Up.” This established platform has been instrumental for more than 80,000 global companies that have overcome challenges and rapidly grown their businesses. 

The advantages of the Scaling Up methodology on the team include increased productivity, improved team morale, faster time to market, better quality, lower risk, fostering collaboration, creating and celebrating milestones, educating employees about the key components of the company’s strategy, building a company-wide understanding of how to quantitatively measure daily and weekly success, and maintaining transparency in the company’s plans and performance 

 Additionally, the methodology helps in building a cohesive company culture, strengthening a business’s purpose, enhancing the entire organization, and addressing cash management, meeting techniques, and strategy at the highest level.  These benefits contribute to creating a well-aligned, high-performing organization with a focus on effective communication, transparency, accountability, and strategic execution 

  1. Goals and Pain Points –  When I work with a client, my first step is to sit down and get to know you and what you are working to achieve.   I want to hear what is working.   I want to know your pain points and what’s frustrating you in your business. I want to better understand what your biggest challenges and opportunities are.
  2. Team Evaluation – From there I will want to get input from the team to get their perspective with a detailed survey on the state of the business in 10 areas.  I will also want to talk with them individually to briefly get their insights.
  3. Optional Half Day Summit –  From there we can schedule a half to one day summit to work with you and your team to get a better understanding of the team and the work that we will do together.
  4.  2 Day Kickoff Workshop – Next we will schedule and initial 2 day private workshop working on all areas of the business but with a focus on a strategy to get you moving forward with your team aligned and excited about the direction.  We will identify initiatives and assign owners to be accountable to them along with interim goals to help assure success.
  5. Quarterly Cadence – From there we will work on a cadence of quarterly meetings for learning, review and planning sessions.
  6. Monthly Check-ins -I will want to check-in with you as the leader and provide support.  In general I will always be available to help you should the need arise.