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Alan Homewood

Entrepreneur, CEO & Strategic Business Coach

Your Coach

I am a Scaling Up coach to help business leaders scale up their companies to new heights while gaining more focus, freedom and enjoyment for themselves and their teams.  I want you to benefit from the experiences I have had over the last 25 years both good and bad.   About 2009 the company I had started 10 years before was stagnant, our strategy was stale, our management group dysfunctional and our execution poor.   Fortunately, I was at my wits end and began looking outside for help, anywhere I could find it.  I got coaching and external advisors and began learning in earnest what to do and what not to do (I had already done most of the “not to dos!”).  The great news is we turned things around and quadrupled the value of the business by 2013.  Those experiences eventually lead me to becoming a Scaling Up Coach so that I can help business implement best practices.  If your company is stuck on a plateau or is growing quickly and feels out of control I can help.


Professional Highlights 

I started a tech company in 1999 (2Checkout) and it took off after a year like a hockey stick, with a ton of blood sweat and tears and by surrounding myself with great people.  I ran that company for 14 years before selling control at a 13+ multiple and staying on as chairman.    After that I bought and sold another business, started a non-profit and immersed myself in the entrepreneurial community.


  • Bachelors MIS Ohio State
  • MIT Birthing of Giants Program 3 Year Graduate
  • Entrepreneurs Organization Columbus Chapter President
  • Entrepreneurs Organization Area Director and other Regional Roles
  • Founding board Member All Inclusive Living

Personally Highlights

My early adult years were shaped in large part from sending myself through college at The Ohio State University.    My family made too much money for me to qualify for aid and I was too independent to take money and be told what major I should have so I bet on myself. 

I am a life long learner and get charged up talking about business growth and or challenges.   I am constantly fascinated by business models and different specialties companies have found to thrive, the Riches are in the Niches as Verne Harnish says.  

I am very happily married and have four adult children.  A big fan of international travel working towards Travelers Century Club, live sports, golfing and boating.

I love helping people, tell me about your company, how can I help you today? 

Where We will focus


People are one of the four major decision areas that every company must get right to achieve growth and having the right people in the right roles doing the right things is critical to scaling up a business. PECS Coaching helps provide a framework for defining clear accountability for every role, creating a culture of accountability, and aligning the work and stakeholders around process and results. 


Strategy is the creation of a unique and valuable position, involving a different set of activities. It is critical that your company set a strategic vision that everyone in the company understands. Good strategy helps align the company’s goals and helps avoid wasting time and resources. It is best to boil your strategy down to a single metric. “What’s your Profit per X?” Using tools like the 1 page strategic plan and the 7 Strata PECS can help your team align and hone your market winning strategies. 


The Scaling Up methodology emphasizes a structured daily huddle, weekly tactical, month strategic and the facilitated quarterly and annual strategic planning retreats as a meeting cadence to drive efficient execution and alignment within an organization. The meeting rhythm is designed to ensure that the entire team stays aligned with the company’s overall priorities and strategic goals. With PECS help correctly run effective meetings will free up time for the leadership team to work strategically with less stress and better results.  Paired with the right people doing the right things right the organization will be super charged and able to run laps around your competitors.  


“Revenue is Vanity, Profit is Sanity, but Cash is King” While revenue and profit are essential, the availability of cash is paramount for sustaining day-to-day operations, managing working capital, and fueling growth initiatives.   Scaling up tool and methodologies like the Power of One and Cash Acceleration Strategies along with the right strategies and execution around cash and profit can fuel growth and increase the value of your business.